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About Me and Contact

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I will not get too much into my playing career. Suffice it to say, like many, I have played soccer most of my life. (If you are desperate to hear about my high school career, I have posted, largely out of nostalgia, some articles that I dug up here.)

Coaching for me began in 1992, when I became the manager of the Duke women’s team. That was my first exposure, in a behind-the-curtain kind of way, to how (high level) coaching worked: the day-to-day operation, the pressures, the successes, the failures, etc. And there were indeed both successes and failures. My first year (1992), we made the NCAA championship game…only to lose to UNC 9-1 (that was a quiet ride home). Two years later, however, in 1994, we handed UNC their first home loss ever; that was a much louder ride home. My three years working with the Duke team (as manager, mind you; not at all anything remotely resembling coaching) got me excited to become a coach by giving me a very different perspective from my years of playing. (You can see some articles about those Duke teams here.)

I graduated college in 1995 and started teaching at Bancroft School in Worcester, MA, also becoming the JV Girls Soccer coach. I coached there until I left Bancroft in 1999 for Wayland (MA) High School. In my first few years at Wayland, I was in graduate school part time so I volunteer-coached with the varsity boys and girls teams, working largely with the keepers. In 2004, the JV Girls job opened up and I took over that team. I’ve been coaching that team since. I’ve also coached various of my own kids’ teams.

I earned the NSCAA National Diploma in 2010 and the NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma in 2016 and I’m a National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) accredited Interscholastic Coach as of 2011.


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