Practice Plans

6-1-17 @ Abby Kelly.

5-30-17 @ Krashes.

5-25-17 [no practice; rained out]

5-22-17 [no practice; rained out]

5-18-17 @ Abby Kelly.

5-15-17 [no practice]

5-11-17 @ Abby Kelly.

5-8-17 @ Krashes.

5-4-17 @ Abby Kelly. [Coach Brandon planned]

5-1-17 @ Krashes.

4-27-17 @ Abby Kelly.

4-24-17 @ Krashes.

4-20-17 @ Abby Kelly.

4-17-17 @ Krashes. Scrimmage against U12 WYSL team.

4-11-17 @ Abby Kelly.

4-6-17 @ Holy Name Gym.

3-30-17 @ Belmont St. School.

3-21-17 @ WSU. Combined with GP’s practice because of numbers and so that we could maximize space. Passing circuit went well; Turn and Burn not so much, largely because of the distance of the runner. Defense wasn’t catching up enough and so it became a passive 1 v 1 instead of a turning activity. No shooting. Right to scrimmage.

3-14-17 @ WSU. Cancelled because of snow.

3-7-17 @ WSU. So, last week we only had four players, so we focused on ball skills and more individual work. I will carry over the plan from last week to this week.

2-28-17 @ WSU. First practice at WSU; not sure what space or goals will be like, so keeping it simple: focus on fundamentals.

  • Team Talk: intro Brandon; focus, commitment, hustle, team, challenge.
  • Warm-up: Dynamic Stretching. Reminder about lines and form. Focus on slow and careful.
  • Circle Drill with Sprints Built in: (6 X 1 min x 2) strong foot two touch, weak foot two touch, strong foot one touch, weak foot one touch, in the air, headers.
  • Diamond Passing (4 lines, 2 balls, constant movement): 1 minute without penalty; then 5 push-ups for break downs.
  • Diamond Passing Pattern: across and diagonal.
  • Small-sided Passing Game: shooting from within their half only –> move the ball quickly; find shots to balls on cones.
  • Scrimmage if time and space. Points available for passing strings.

2-8-17 @ Bancroft. Last practice for a few weeks and a short one, so quick and dirty. Lots of running, lots of games.

  • Warm-up: Dynamic Stretching. Go over lines and form.
  • Touches on the move with acceleration and cuts; add in passing and communicating.
  • Passing Diamond –> pass across (20 yds or s0); after pass, sprint to cone on the right before the next pass is made. Race with points. Push-ups if it breaks down.
  • Passing Square with square goal in middle (two?).
  • Shooting for sprints? Shooting technique?
  • Cone Run Game –> scrimmage with cones on sidelines. On command, players must leave the game and touch a cone.
  • Regular scrimmage.

2-1-17 @ Bancroft. Focus on Defense.

  • Warm-up: Dynamic Stretching. Go over lines and form.
  • 30 touches with a partner.
  • Touches on the move with acceleration and cuts.
  • Go over basic defensive stance and mechanics.
  • Defensive progression:
    • Pass and follow passive.
    • Pass and follow half and half.
    • Pass and follow active.
  • Perpendicular 1 v 1 defending:
    • 4 lines: 3, 6, 9, 12; 2 balls at each line
    • one defender in middle
    • one line starts (say 6) and has to get across to opposite line
    • once he crosses the line, a perpendicular line attacks and repeats
    • if defender wins ball, player that loses it becomes defender
  • Defending in a Box
    • 10 x 10 box with 1 x 1 box in the middle with ball on cone
    • 1 defender in 10 x 10; can’t go into 1 x 1
    • 3 passers on outside
    • passers must hit ball in middle
    • passers are mobile but can’t come into 10 x 10 box
  • Two gates, pass across diagonally, attacker can attack either goal; dribble through to score.
  • Soccer Rugby

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