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Posted by on April 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


Goalkeeper Training Aids

Some pretty cool tools from the Bologna team. Not sure they’re in the budget….

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


Instructional Video on Long Balls

Not much I didn’t know here but good to have it in visual form.


Warm Up Passing with Touch Circle

Showed my players the video on my phone and had them figure out the pattern. They did well with the pattern and I suspect that much of that was because they figured it out on their own. I paused to talk to another coach and when I came back they showed me how they learned to reverse the direction in the flow of the circle.

Untitled from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.



Sometimes You Have To Just Give Up A Corner

RB Leipzig at Dortmund, 8-26-18

A reaction save, definitely, but the keeper gets enough hand on the ball that he could have parried it over the endline. He essentially serves that up for the goal.

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


England WC 2018 PK Practice

Thought there were some great tips here for tournament prep.

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Changing the Tempo of Play

Df1R66JWsAAdFxmScreen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.37.07 AM

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4 v 2 to 1 v 1

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 9.58.30 AM