Using the Site

Using the Site

I had this binder. It was huge. The 3-4″ kind. And it was overflowing with, well, paper: drills, articles, set plays, all sorts of soccer coaching ephemera that I’d collected over the years. It’s a wealth of information but is, shall we say, less than efficient to navigate. So I started this site as my huge, digital, overflowing binder.

  • What you’ll primarily find here:
    • drills, set plays, and other coaching assistants
    • practice plans and game reports for my specific teams
  • For coaches:
    • use the categories at the top of the right column to narrow your focus
    • the basic approach is this: ‘I need to work on first touch with my team’; go to the categories, find ‘first touch’ and be presented with drills that focus on first touch
    • I tend to then screen shot the drills and paste them into a Word .doc for my actual practice plan
    • a caveat: some of the categories are pretty broad and populous; this is done purposefully so that, say, I’m looking for defending drills; there might be some that are micro-focused on technique and some that are much broader that also let me incorporate some attacking; I’d rather have too much choice than too little
  • For parents and/or players on my team(s):
    • start at the ‘Seasons’ tab in the top menu
    • find your team and your year / season

In the end, though, if you’re a soccer coach (and on occasion a non-soccer coach), hopefully you’ll find something of value here, and feel free to email me at or comment any thoughts, suggestions, or drills to add.

Most important, perhaps, I will include in any drills my source for it.


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