Day 1 – August 26 (forgot the four-cone passing game, and didn’t get to the final game)

Day 2 – August 27 (gate game was a bit slow; maybe more spread out would help; back-to-back goal game worked very well; didn’t get to three-team game)

Day 3 – August 28 – Uniforms, overview, Remind, Intro to Formation (3-5-2 / 3-5-1-1), corners & throw-in diagnostics

Day 4 – August 29 – 5-0 loss to Westwood in scrimmage; they were better and faster than we were, but we played better in the 2nd half.

Day 5 – September 2 – Program-wide team building activity: scavenger hunt. Then equipment distribution.

Day 6 – September 3 (channel in middle game was as I thought it might be: players had trouble envisioning how / where to run; this did get better as it went on, though)

Day 7 – September 4

Day 8 – September 5 – 1-1 tie to Bishop Fenwick; they were probably the (slightly) better team; had more chances and lots more corners; Nyah snuck one in on a breakaway and that tied it up. We need to work on shape, especially in the midfield. We were too horizontal, leaving too much vertical space between lines.

Day 9 – September 8

Day 10 – September 9 – 5-0 loss to LS. Should have / could have been 15-0. They pretty much dominated in every facet of the game. We put them under some pressure in the 2nd half. But not much.

Day 11 – September 10

Day 12 – September 11 – 3-0 loss to Newton South. All three goals on corner kicks, but very good corner kicks, so not sure what to think of that….

Day 13 – September 12 – Fitness from 4-5 and then watch the first half of the varsity game. Fitness was a minute each at four stations: sprint uphill, push-up, sprint backwards, planks.

Day 14 – September 15 – 2-0 loss to Westford. A decent showing against a good team.

Day 15 – September 16 – light day; two injuries against Westford, game tomorrow. 4-cone-1-ball passing drill to practice switching the field and passing out of traffic; headers to five cones with balls on them; handball.

Day 16 – September 17 – 2-0 win over Bedford. AD and LB scored. Goals weren’t great nor was the rest of the first half but second half was better (and we didn’t score).

Day 17 – September 18. Dreidel drill didn’t go so well (never quite does; would love to try it with a higher level) but team liked (and said so) the 3 v. 2 + 1 game.

Day 18 – September 19 – no practice (no game until Wed).

Day 19 – September 22

Day 20 – September 23 – quick one: corner passing drill; three team, switch direction when you score game; watch the first half of the freshman game.

Day 21 – September 24 – Maynard home. Tied 1-1. Very well-matched game. We probably just had the run of play because of the 2nd half, but they put us under a good bit of pressure in the first.

Day 22 – September 25 – no practice: Rosh Hashannah.

Day 23 – September 26

Day 24 – September 27 – at Weston for W day. Wow. Huge win. Down 1-0 for most of the game, played great for first five minutes and then poorly for rest of first half. Dominated second half but couldn’t score (couldn’t buy a goal). Scored 2 in the final 5 mins to win. Controversial no-call on their end that would have given them a PK with about 10 mins to go.

Day 25 – September 29 – Shooting drills from previous practice: weave dribble, weave dribble shoot, pass across and shoot

Day 26 – September 30 – at Waltham. 4-0 W.

Day 27 – October 1 – Rained out.

Day 28 – October 2 – Latin home. Postponed due to BLS team emergency.

Day 29 – October 3. Conditioning. Double practice with Varsity; because of rain on Wed and no game on Thurs. and with a game on Mon. wanted to get a practice in. V was cancelled originally but wanted to practice for the same reasons and Coach had already scheduled something. Diamond passing drills, Hit the Cone, Lucas Special.

Day 30 – October 6 – AB. 6-1. The one was an own goal that we weren’t even near. I almost wish it hadn’t been scored.

Day 31 – October 7. Practice on softball field, so no goals.

Day 32 – October 8 – at Rindge & Latin. 2-1 loss. Sort of. We scored to tie it up but ball went through the back of the net, which ref didn’t see.

Day 33 – October 9

Day 34 – October 10 – CC. 6-1 loss. They were good but I also felt like they left the starters in / didn’t pull back much….

Day 35 – October 14

Day 36 – October 15 – Bedford 2-0 win.

Day 37 – October 16 – rained out.

Day 38 – October 17 – Weston. 1-0 win. Good win, good game.

Day 39 – October 20.

Day 40 – October 21 – Arlington Catholic. 2-0 win.

Day 41 – October 22 – no practice (Wayland Connects Day); covering varsity.

Day 42 – October 23. Waltham rained out.

Day 43 – October 24.

Day 44 – October 27 – Waltham. 3-0 win.

Day 45 – October 28 – Latin away. 5-2 win. Handed them their first DCL Small loss. They still played with that high defensive line.

Day 46 – October 29. Final practice. Some footwork, some going-to-the-ball work, and then soccer golf.

Day 47 – October 30 – at Latin. 2-1 win. Good game, good win.


Final Record: 9-6-2. All six losses came to DCL big teams (and the Rindge and Latin game should have been at least a tie because of that not-goal goal), and we finished undefeated (all wins) in the DCL small (thank you, Latin coach, for indirectly suggesting that that could have happened). Season tally below.

Record 1 Record 2


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