9-2-15: Day 1-Intro & Passing

9-3-15: Day 2-Intro to Tactics & Diagnostics

9-4-15: Day 3- 4-0 loss to Westwood (scrimmage); things to build on: some good passing, some decent movement (at times); mentioned at half time: no off on a throw-in, maintain (individual) defensive balance, i.e. no stabbing, cover for players when they make runs out of position, breaking wide on change of possession, angle of support to be open for passes.

9-8-15: Day 4- 3-0 loss at Newton South. Did some difficult things well (ball movement, passing, etc.) and some easy things poorly (marking, balls in the air, etc.).

9-9-15: Day 5-practice-plan

9-10–15: Day 6- 5-0 loss to Westford. They were good but we should have / could have played better. Very rainy day, with 2-3 of the goals being flukey / pinball-y goals.

9-11-15: Day 7-practice-plan

9-15-15: Day 8-practice-plan. Team liked the 2 v 1 + 1 shooting drill at the end.

9-16-15: Day 9 7-0 at AB. Score doesn’t reflect game. 3 or 4 goals scored in 10 mins at the end; I’m guessing (hoping?) we were out of gas at that point. Played well overall (believe it or not).

9-17-15: Day 10-practice-plan

9-18-15: Day 11 at BLS. 4-0 win. Played a lousy first half, but a better second half. Had to play long ball; they were packing our half and we couldn’t pass out of it.

9-21-15: Day 12 – 3-0 win against Bedford. Played well passing-wise but missed too many open shots and didn’t attack / use the front line well.

9-22-15: Day 13-practice-plan

9-24-15: Day 14-practice-plan

9-25-15: Day 15-practice-plan

9-28-15: Day 16-practice-plan

9-29-15: Day 17 – Off

9-30-15: Day 18 – Rained Out

10-1-15: Day 19. Waltham Home: 3-1 win. Lousy first half; came out flat. Better second half. Did a good job swinging the ball around through the midfield.

10-2-15: Day 20: Off

10-3-15: Day 21. At Weston (W Day). 2-1 win. Wasn’t there. Heard it was an intense game. Good W (get it?).

10-5-15: Day 22. Rindge and Latin home. 3-1 win. Good game. They scored first (on a bit of a boneheaded play). We came back to win.

10-6-15: Day 23. Lots of short sided games. Took it easy because of three game week.

10-7-15: Day 24. At CC. Lost 2-0. Not bad. We played relatively well.

10-8-15: Day 25. Softball field, so no goal. Close the door (warm L up during this), reflex roulette, hypotenuse 1 v 1, hit the cone, communication.

10-9-15: Day 26. LS Home. Lost 4-1. Annoying loss. Had some chances early that could have / would have shifted the game but didn’t convert. They scored and we lost some steam.

10-13-15: Day 27. Latin Home. 5-0 win. They didn’t arrive until 4.30; we scored 3 within the first six minutes (all Goldins).

10-14-15: Day 28-practice-plan

10-15-15: Day 29. at Bedford. 8-0 win. More early scoring: 2 in the first three or four minutes. 6 by the end of the half.

10-16-15: Day 30. Shooting, shooting, and more shooting. Practice the form with a partner; 5 line rapid fire drill; rectangle-timing drill; Thunder.

10-17-15: Day 31. at Hamilton-Wenham. 0-0. Good tie(?). As I got farther from the game, I realized more and more that we were probably lucky to come out with a tie. I didn’t take into consideration enough the impact that the wind would have on the game. We had it in the first half, so I didn’t notice as much, but it impacted us in the 2nd.

10-19-15: Day 32-practice-plan – Passing into space.

10-20-15: Day 33. Weston home. 4-2 win. Went up 3-0 and then let up in the 2nd half a bit. They closed to 3-2, I called a basketball timeout to let them collect themselves, and we scored 2 minutes later.

10-21-15: Day 34-practice-plan

10-22-15: Day 35. Off

10-23-15: Day 36-practice-plan

10-24-15; Day 37. Arlington Catholic home. 1-0 loss. Ugh. Still frustrated. Ref seemed like a good ref but didn’t know (or at least didn’t apply) the rules: wouldn’t let me sub on their goal kick, called a trip in the box and indirect outside of the box, played 40 minute first half and 30 minute second half. Don’t mind bad calls; they happen, but this went beyond bad calls.

10-26-15: Day 38-practice-plan

10-27-15: Day 39. at Waltham (last game). 2-0 win. An ugly win. Their aggressiveness got to us and took us out of our game. They certainly had some chances but we had better ones (that we both converted and didn’t convert).

Final Tally: 9-6-1. Won all DCL small games and lost all DCL big games except for Rindge and Latin. Lost to Arlington Catholic (argh). We had the potential to play some good soccer, though we didn’t always do it. Shifting the Goldins up front and Eden to wing mid in many ways galvanized our attack but, by the end of the season, I think we had come to rely on the Goldins (and their speed) too much and our attack regressed from a building / development standpoint once we understood the potential of their speed; too many through and long balls and not enough building from the wings. There are worse problems to have, of course, but an interesting phenomenon to observe.

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