Day 1, 8-28-17 – meeting (equipment, welcome, team, etc.); stretching; fitness; 50 touches right, left, up, head (10 each); square warm-up; conveyor belt; diamond passing pattern; 1 v 1 and then 2 v 2 to goal (like we did at tryouts) [forgot the diamond passing pattern and added the Uruguay warm-up]

Day 2, 8-29-17 – with diamond passing pattern first / post-warm-up: diagnostics

Day 3, 8-30-17 – scrimmage against the freshmen

Day 4, 8-31-17 – scavenger hunt; gear distribution

Day 5, 9-1-17 – scrimmage home against Westwood

Day 6, 9-5-17 – balls-out-of-the-air-changing-point-of-attack

Day 7, 9-6-17 – rained out

Day 8, 9-7-17 – conditioning (no field) – 45 on, 15 off: mountain climbers; leg downs; ball toe touches; elbow hand walk ups; side lunges; crunches; high knees; in and out plank; ball jumps; core your choice; 5 hill sprints in between; 2 minutes off

Day 9, 9-8-17 – at AB: 5-0 loss. Played relatively well. Stuck to the compactness game plan (mostly). Didn’t go to the ball quite enough and need to win more 50-50 balls. Overall a good game (despite the score) against a very good team.

Day 10, 9-11-17 – defending-and-attacking

Day 11, 9-12-17 – Softball Field (so no goal). Fitness. Defense. Start with 1 v 1 ladders, then the 1 v 1 diagonals, and finally the Red Rover game. If time, kick the ball off the cone game, and then handball. [This seemed to go pretty well overall.]

Day 12, 9-13-17 – Waltham home. 3-2 win. Fun game. Chippy at times (yellow card) but even and refs, for the most part, let us play. Offense seemed to start clicking (independent of goals), which was good. Two of the three goals were with left feet.

Day 13, 9-14-17softball field-touches-games [First touch activity worked well, as did dribble circuit; 4 v 1 + 3 not so much (grid needed to be bigger) and passing warm-up not so much.]

Day 14, 9-15-17 – CRL home. 2-2 tie. Another fun game. Very well matched. Their target forward (10) had too much space in the first half; we did better with her in the 2nd. All four goals in the first half.

Day 15, 9-18-17 – attacking-a-high-line

Day 16, 9-19-17 – at BLS. 1-0 loss. They scored 2 minutes in and then we went 78 minutes without another goal. Ugh.

Day 17, 9-20-17

[9-21-17: Rosh Hashannah; no practice]

Day 18, 9-22-17 – no practice (no field & conference)

Day 19, 9-23-17 – Bellingham home. 7-0 win. 3 goals in first 12 minutes. Shifting positions by then and, in 2nd half, no passes over the waist and no shots with the strong foot.

Day 20, 9-25-17 – Softball field. softball-passing-dribbling

Day 21, 9-26-17 – Bedford home. Ugh. 2-2 tie. Started with 13 players, up 2-0. 2nd half had only 11 and ran out of gas. They scored in the last minute to tie it. Ugh again.

Day 22, 9-27-17 – Team event (details TBD); I’m covering the freshmen game at Latin.

Day 23, 9-28-17 – at CC. Good game. 2-0 loss but we played well-ish (at least defensively). No real attacks to speak of (we discussed at halftime how crossing midfield was like scoring and that we had done it around 5 times; beginning of the 2nd half, we cross midfield and AM, mid-game, of course, yells out ‘Coach, that’s 6!’) but did a good job keeping the defense organized. Post-game, the CC coach said ‘That was quite a bunker you had set up; two players on the 18….’ My response: ‘You didn’t think I was going to let you pass around us and have open shots, did you?’ Very funny (actually; we’ve coached against either for long enough to say those things).

Day 24, 9-29-17 – Scrimmaged the freshmen.

Day 25, 10-2-17 – Practice on the softball field. Circle touches. 1 v 1 diagonal with 2 goals. 3 v 2 with cone points. Scrimmage with cone goal in middle (with goalie) plus two other goals. Handball.

Day 26, 10-3-17 – at Weston. Tied 1-1. Both goals were pretty soft; we should have won, but had one sub to begin with and none for most of the second half. Bummer.

Day 27, 10-4-17 – Westford home (at 4.30; make up from the first game). And we’re down to 10 players. But we played on and played well. Lost 3-2; against Westford with 10, I’ll take it. It was a great effort on our part (play with 10 every game…?).

Day 28, 10-5-17 – Easy day. Pretty beat up. Mid-season meeting about attitude and then a lot of shooting. Some form work with each other; fast feet, sharp shooting; one touch shooting drill; rotating shooting pattern.

Day 29, 10-6-17 – Conditioning and then watch the freshman game. Had to cancel because I covered the freshman game. Good 1-0 win over CC.

Day 30, 10-10-17 – LS Home.

Day 31, 10-11-17 – Practice on the Back Field. Lots of short-sided games today: 1 v 1 diagonal with two goals. Quick-Shooting Game. Three goal declaration game. Four goal game, with or without gates.

Day 32, 10-12-17 – at Waltham. 5-1 win. Great first half. Bit of a dip in the second half, but 2-0 at half, 2-1 five mins into the 2nd half (worried), but then 3 more goals for insurance (AG had 3 of them).

Day 33, 10-13-17 – [no practice: no field, injuries, and three players with varsity for Sat’s game, so going to varsity practice]

Day 34, 10-16-17 – Practice. softball-defending

Day 35, 10-17-17 – BLS home. 1-0 loss. Played hard but not particularly well. They could have (should have?) scored at least a couple of more. We had our chances but they had the better play.

Day 36, 10-18-17 – Practice. fun and rest-ish

Day 37, 10-19-17 – at Newton South. [covered by MK; covering the freshman practice: dribble-shooting (+ maybe 1 v 1 in circle game?)]

Day 38, 10-20-17 – [no practice; away and MK has a game]

Day 39, 10-21-17 – Cohasset home. [covered by MK] [cancelled because of numbers]

Day 40, 10-23-17 – Practice. Softball Field. communication

Day 41, 10-24-17 – at Bedford. 3-0 win. Super windy.

Day 42, 10-25-17 – Practice. [cancelled because of rain]

Day 43, 10-26-17 – Weston home. [postponed because of rain]

Day 44, 10-27-17 – (last) Practice. Soccer tennis and soccer golf.

Day 45, 10-28-17 – Arlington Catholic home. 4-0 win. Great first half. Probably our best of the season. Moved the ball well, communicated well, made good runs, etc. 2nd half wasn’t quite as great but still good.

Day 46, 10-30-17 – Weston home / away. This is the make-up game from 10-26. Supposed to be home but fields were saturated so we took the mini bus to Weston’s turf field. 1-0 win. Not a pretty 1-0 win (neither team wanted to be there) but a win nonetheless. Last game of the season.

End of Season. We finished 6-7-3 (there is an 8th loss below but that was our scrimmage against Westwood). An up and down season. Injuries definitely hurt us; we likely could have / should have beaten Weston and Bedford first time through (tied them both) but were pretty banged up at that point. Otherwise, the season was for the most part as expected.


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