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Tryouts Evaluation Form

I am an assistant coach for the Worcester Smiles, a semi-pro UWS team based in Worcester, MA. This is this staff’s first year coaching and so we wanted to revamp the tryouts process. I put a call out to Twitter to find out what other people do and did a little research on my own. I present here what I came up with.

Here is the rationale and some guiding principles behind this document:

  • wanted everyone on the same sheet rather than an individual sheet per player
  • wanted something dynamic rather than static
    • the scales in each box are so that we could rate players repeatedly (and visually) in the same category rather than just assigning a number or ‘grade’
  • wanted something that could yield a total (whether sum or average) against which each player could be compared
  • wanted some space for comments or narrative
    • I knew this space would be tight at best because of the scales but included it anyway
    • actually just ended up often writing over other columns to expand on the hash marks / grades
  • wanted some explanation or expansion of each category so included that on the next page of the form and then printed them double-sided

Here is a screen shot of the form and the explanations to give a sense:

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 10.08.27 PMScreen Shot 2019-12-29 at 10.08.38 PM

Here is the form itself in full.

Certainly welcome and feedback you might have.

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Club Tryouts Format

My son went to a club tryout tonight and I thought they did a nice job with the format. Kept it simple, varied it enough, but seemed able to get a good sense of players’ skills and game sense.

  1. Dynamic Stretching
  2. Cross-field Pug Goal 8 v 8 (maybe 9 v 9; essentially divided the group in half)
  3. Two Stations:
    1. 4 v 4
    2. 2 v 2 to goal with goalies

That’s it. I like it. Good way to do tryouts.

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