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Coronavirus Hiatus Packet

Put together this packet for my team while we can’t practice. Not a ton of variety when you’re alone, but tried to focus on principles, conditioning, and basics.


Club Tryouts Format

My son went to a club tryout tonight and I thought they did a nice job with the format. Kept it simple, varied it enough, but seemed able to get a good sense of players’ skills and game sense.

  1. Dynamic Stretching
  2. Cross-field Pug Goal 8 v 8 (maybe 9 v 9; essentially divided the group in half)
  3. Two Stations:
    1. 4 v 4
    2. 2 v 2 to goal with goalies

That’s it. I like it. Good way to do tryouts.

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Thank You, Coaching Blog; or, the Coaching Blog in Year 1

To all of my follower out there (singular intentional), thank you, hope you enjoyed it, but, ultimately, you’re the gravy. What I mean by that is I don’t keep the blog for you all. If it’s helpful, if you all enjoy it, use it, etc., I’m of course thrilled. But I found myself, after coaching for a good number of years, with a lot of resources and no real way to bring any order to them. I had a student a few years back do a coaching independent study with me, and I turned her loose on the binder to try to bring some order to it. She did bring some order, but only the most rudimentary kind. I also wanted to be able to incorporate more multi-media resources, My solution to all of this? The blog, a place where I can post all sorts of media and where the use of categories will allow me to, well, categorize what I post and, more important, narrow down what I’m looking for.

So year 1 of the blog was for me a tremendous success because it did exactly what I hoped it would do: it streamlined the practice planning process, which then not only enabled me but also encouraged me to be more assiduous in my practice planning. In previous years, practice planning would fall by the wayside because it was too inefficient to research and write down what I wanted to do. With the blog, that process became not only more efficient but also enjoyable and interesting.

You can see then the fruits of the blog in the Seasons tab in the menu above; click on 2014 (2013 was a nascent but unsuccessful endeavor). The season of practice planning wasn’t perfect; you can see some blank dates toward the end of the season. But overall this was by far my most organized and focused season and I attribute that largely to this blog.

So, thank you, blog, for a successful first year.


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