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Attacking Overload Handball


  • an interesting variation on handball
  • I think I like the no restrictions on offense, zones on defense rule
  • I do like, though, the application of zones to handball

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Touch Warm-up

At my son’s U12 skills clinic and I like the warm up they just did:

  • In a circle, everyone holdingĀ a ball.
  • Feet are moving in a jogging-in-place way (i.e. more than just active).
  • Coach calls out a body part (thigh, head, etc.) and players throw it up in the air and touch it back to their hands under control.
  • This continues. Coach can also call ground, in which case they put the ball on the ground and continue to jog in place.
  • This was only done with thigh and head but I can see foot being included and even punching / catching for goalies.
  • Also, a competition aspect can be added, i.e. as the commands speed up, some penalty for holding the group up: if you make a bad touch and can’t control the ball before the next call, everyone does 5 push-ups, or something similar.

German Women’s National Team Game Warm-up

I like that this is both simple and complex at the same time. Via the GWNT Twitter feed.

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


Conveyor Belt [from Champion Soccer School]

Could have sworn I’d already posted this but couldn’t find it so here it is (and apologies if it is posted elsewhere).

2016-08-08 09.23.58

  • You can see on the right of the picture one line of cones and, on the far left, an opposite set of cones.
  • Each cone has a player at it, the right cones with a ball.
  • The right cone players are static and the left cone players are dynamic.
  • The left cone players call for a ball from the right cone players and pass it back and then move to the next cone and repeat.
  • When they reach the end of the cones, they sprint back behind the right cones and start over (hence the conveyor belt name).
  • This should generally be done for time (say, a minute or two) but can of course be done when everyone has gone once.
  • And then the sides switch.
  • This is also a very versatile way to combine touches and fitness, as any kind of pass (on the ground, in the air, header, throw-ins etc.) can be used between the cones, and it can even be used with goalies (i.e. goalies catch and distribute back while field players play with their feet).

Simple Volley / Touch Warm-up

from a The Coaching Family retweet of Josh Evans / JESoccerSchool.

This example is of course volleys but it can be used for anything, including goalie punching (from farther away).

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


None Shall Pass [Michael Beale]

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.52.25 AM

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