Game Notes Template

05 Mar

Here’s what I came up with. It’s probably too much in the sense that I might not use all of it, certainly not each part in full, but I wanted to have too much rather than too little until I actually try it out and see what I like and what needs tweaking. Also, there are so many pages because I don’t intend to print it; I will take notes on my iPadPro with my Apple Pen. Printing it, I suspect, would make it particularly onerous.

Here is the full game-notes-template. And I’ve included screenshots of the pages below. (And there are two additional full fields at the end, just in case, so nine pages total.) Below the screenshots, I’ll describe how I’ll use it with the iPadPro.

Page 1 is a line-up sheet for both teams. Once I have my roster, I’ll type them in in a final / permanent version so I don’t have to repeat / write them in every game. I didn’t divide the teams because I wasn’t sure how big each team would be / how many lines each team would need.

Page 2 is a formation sheet (from Brent Wojack). I suspect I’ll use it less for subbing in-game and more for potential subs, i.e. filling in each position with who can play there.

Page 3 is a sheet for player-specific notes.

Pages 4-7 are sheets by half for general game notes in pairs of two: one general notes sheet and a field template.

Pages 8-9 are two extra blank fields just in case.

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Here’s how the iPad will work.

I’ve downloaded the template into Readdle’s PDF Expert. From there, it’s pretty straightforward. I’ll make a copy of the template for each game, and then use the ApplePen to take my notes. I’ve included some screenshots from the iPad below. Now I just need to hope for no rain….


2017-03-05 13.47.54.png



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