Ian Barker – Building Out From The Back [SCCC 17] – Passing Warm-up

24 Feb
  • Simple triangle, maybe 10 yards per side
  • Players pass around the triangle and follow their pass
  • Barker sets one up for demo and then has players set up the other grids
  • Passing = technical warm up; following pass = physical warm up; setting up cones = mental warm up

  • Progression
  • To add a tactical element, player receiving the ball, before the ball is played, takes a few steps backward and looks over his shoulder
  • Player then receives the ball and pattern continues
  • Emphasize that the ball should be received (likely across the body) to set the body up for the next pass; you don’t want players receiving the ball in such a way that they have to take touches or too much time adjusting their position for the next pass
  • Next Progression
  • One touch passing at corners
  • Next Progression
  • Passing across the triangle

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