Ian Barker – Building Out From The Back [SCCC 17] – Building From the Back Game

24 Feb

  • Coach stands with an x v x (this was 4 v 4 I think)
  • Player plays ball to coach
  • Coach plays long to goalie (maybe 20 yards away)
  • Play starts with goalie, who then (initially not playing with hands) finds his defenders for a quick outlet
  • Defenders then build the attack
  • Game is otherwise live

Untitled from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

  • Progression: Identify a #9 / high striker; play must go through the #9 before a goal can be scored
  • Work on identifying passing lanes: if defenders go wide, middies shouldn’t go as wide and find that channel for the defenders to find them:

  • Progression: full 7 v 7 but all play starts with the goalie; no throws, corners, etc. (and so all balls in net)

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