Dick Bate – Possession Play Elements [SCCC 17] – 1 and 2 Touch Passing

24 Feb
  • 84% of EPL passes are 1 or 2 touch
  • Average time of possession in the EPL or 2 seconds or less
  • Focus must be on developing this sense of quick passing play

  • Begin with a no pressure introduction to 1 and 2 touch passing
  • Passing around 1 and 2 touch with a support player (I’ll be honest; I didn’t quite understand the purpose of or difference between the others of the support player)
  • Emphasize body position, especially with 1 touch, so that receivers are positioned to make a good one touch pass and that pass stays low
  • Your first touch should be fast; your second touch (the pass) should be tight (quick release); these are both designed to minimize the time with the ball and to maximize the effectiveness of what is done with the ball
  • Progression
  • Move two of the five players wide with three remaining in the middle
  • The three move the ball in the same way, passing eventually to one of the wide players
  • The wide player then makes a long pass to the other wide player who distributes to the three in the middle
  • Eventually add in too that the wide player, after that pass, switches with one of the three middle players

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