Dave Hancock – What I Learned About Constructing a Training Session from my Days with Jose Mourinho [SCCC 17] – Position-specific Stats and Data

24 Feb
  • An interesting start to this presentation
  • Hancock opened with the slides I’ve included below, focusing on the practical application of position-specific data and how one can and should condition accordingly.
  • Sprints should be short with high recovery, to some extent to reflect how one sprints in a game
  • This one is perhaps the least relevant / interesting and the most technical, but the relevant part is the heart rate (157 BPM) for EPL players
  • There are four aspects to the game, and Mourinho advocated focusing on all of them at once
  • And that the game can be viewed as repetitions of four moments or situations
  • And within those moments or situations, these questions should always be asked
  • Analyses were done of each position and the different kinds of work they do during a game and how that work is then broken down

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