Touch Warm-up

21 Dec

At my son’s U12 skills clinic and I like the warm up they just did:

  • In a circle, everyone holding a ball.
  • Feet are moving in a jogging-in-place way (i.e. more than just active).
  • Coach calls out a body part (thigh, head, etc.) and players throw it up in the air and touch it back to their hands under control.
  • This continues. Coach can also call ground, in which case they put the ball on the ground and continue to jog in place.
  • This was only done with thigh and head but I can see foot being included and even punching / catching for goalies.
  • Also, a competition aspect can be added, i.e. as the commands speed up, some penalty for holding the group up: if you make a bad touch and can’t control the ball before the next call, everyone does 5 push-ups, or something similar.

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