Leaning the Wrong Way (as a Goalie)

13 Oct

(Realized too late that I hadn’t recorded the sound for the video; apologies about that.)

This clip is from the US v New Zealand friendly last night (10-11-16). A good goal but in the middle of some of the worst soccer I’ve seen out of the USMNT. To say they look disorganized is insulting to actually disorganized teams.

In any case, the commentators focused on how the keeper should have done better, and I agree, but they failed to mention that his weight was on his left foot, which prevented him from shifting right to save the shot. Whether his weight is on the left because he was not anticipating a shot but rather a cross or just sheer bad luck, i.e. he just happened to land on that foot as the shot was taken, I can’t quite tell, but his hanging head after the goal suggests that he knew he could have saved it if his weight weren’t mis-distributed.

PS. Twellman’s noticing and assessment of Acosta’s run is spot on, and worth mentioning because that long a run with a very low percentage of actually getting the ball shows how important running off the ball is.

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


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