Conveyor Belt [from Champion Soccer School]

16 Aug

Could have sworn I’d already posted this but couldn’t find it so here it is (and apologies if it is posted elsewhere).

2016-08-08 09.23.58

  • You can see on the right of the picture one line of cones and, on the far left, an opposite set of cones.
  • Each cone has a player at it, the right cones with a ball.
  • The right cone players are static and the left cone players are dynamic.
  • The left cone players call for a ball from the right cone players and pass it back and then move to the next cone and repeat.
  • When they reach the end of the cones, they sprint back behind the right cones and start over (hence the conveyor belt name).
  • This should generally be done for time (say, a minute or two) but can of course be done when everyone has gone once.
  • And then the sides switch.
  • This is also a very versatile way to combine touches and fitness, as any kind of pass (on the ground, in the air, header, throw-ins etc.) can be used between the cones, and it can even be used with goalies (i.e. goalies catch and distribute back while field players play with their feet).

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