Concentric Circles First Touch Drill [from Champion Soccer School]

16 Aug

This one is a bit complex in terms of the picture, so I included the picture itself plus one with some illustrations to help.

2016-08-08 09.19.38Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.36.49 PM

  • There are four concentric circles, each marked with a different color cone.
  • In this instance, from inside out, yellow, white, blue, green.
  • Players without a ball stand between blue cones (second to last circle) and players with a ball start inside the yellow circle.
  • Better in the beginning to have more players without a ball (between the blue) than with.
  • Players without a ball call for the ball.
  • Player with the ball make the pass and call out a cone color.
  • Players who receive the ball have to dribble around that cone color:
    • green, behind them, they have to open their hips and turn
    • white and yellow, in front of them, they receive and accelerate forward
  • Player who passed the ball takes the place between the blue cones of the player who received the ball and it cycles through.
  • Progressions:
    • Point out that the first touch to white and yellow should be different, that white, as a closer ‘defender’ should require a closer first touch while yellow, perhaps seen as ‘space’, should require a farther first touch.
    • Add in more servers in the middle to make both the dribbling and the finding of an open player more congested.
    • Have the passers not only call out a color but point to a specific cone around which the receivers should dribble.
    • Institute fitness penalties for mistakes (two balls to the same player, losing the ball in the middle, etc.).

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