Falling While Crossing

15 Apr

I always tell my players that a good cross, at full speed, straight down a wing, will (should) result in you flying forward after you strike the ball. The turn of the hips, and so plant foot, plus your momentum, doesn’t give you enough purchase to stay upright.

Saw this and thought it was a good (if not great) illustration. You’ll see in the replays that he cuts in, and then out again, which makes the angle more extreme; he pulls the ball back to a player behind him, which also makes the angle more extreme; and he tops the ball when he strikes it, which likely made it a more awkward strike than it should have been.

Nonetheless, he does a great job turning his hips, and you can see his plant foot follow, and getting the ball where it needs to go from an awkward angle. And he (appropriately) takes a tumble afterwards.

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

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Posted by on April 15, 2016 in Crosses


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