The Striker (SCCC 2016, Dick Bate)

05 Mar

  • Types of movements when marked
  • Peel away (with back to defender) but turn in rather than out, such that back is never to goal to maintain sight)
  • Red turn below requires putting black to goal
  • Black (turning in rather than out) maintains sight
  • Use a mannequin (or player) as defender with cones behind as targets for runs
  • Strikers peel off of defender and make for cones based on the scenario
  • Focus on change of speed: walk to starting position and explode into turn and run
  • Add a head turn to develop it
  • (Video below, which may or may not be clearer than my amazingly precise diagram below…)

  • Now serve balls to space for striker to run onto and shoot
  • Add a player in the box to collect rebounds
  • Add a second player in the box, now one at near post and one at far post

IMG_1593.MOV from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

IMG_1594.MOV from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

  • Goals are much less commonly scored outside of the box
  • Majority scored almost even with the goal
  • Shooting from distance should be practiced less




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