Breakaway Basics for Goalies (SCCC 2016, Raber)

05 Mar


  • Begin with still ball on the ground with goalie behind and ward in front
  • Forward fakes a shot
  • Goalie collects ball
  • Keep ball on ground
  • Elbows slightly bent for strength
  • Top arm in front of head for protection (if actual forward kicks through, she kicks arm and not face)
  • Next, goalies have player maybe 10 yards away
  • Goalies begin with ball and roll ball to player
  • Goalies follow ball, staying low, and staying big
  • Next, field players maybe 20 yards from goal with coach as server
  • Coach serves ball toward goalie and field player chases ball
  • Begin with easy balls for goalie to collect; not breakaways 
  • Progress with tighter and tighter balls
  • Keepers should be calling out Keeper
  • Angle and weight should be varied
  • Next, serves come from the side, almost parallel to the goal mouth
  • Progression: add a group on the opposite side; goalie makes the save and distributes to the opposite side

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