Goalie Warm-up (SCCC 2016, Raber)

04 Mar
  • A progression of receiving the ball around three cones
  • Goalies can also add in punching as a progression
  • This can easily be used with field players as a whole team warm-up
  • Field players progress through receiving as goalies progress through catching


  • Handwriting translation:
  • Emphasize body position: shoulder should be square around back cone
  • Scooping to and through to avoid head contact and protect the ball
  • Then transition to ready position (for catching)


  • Handwriting translation:
  • No backpedaling 
  • Half turn and run while still seeing (keeping an eye on) the ball
  • Pause at back cone to get feet set (before approaching next cone) 


  • Handwriting Translation:
  • Next progression: players cross each other at top cones; must look forward but also avoid each other
  • Then balls in the air (with no cross over front or back; goalies only move vertically, from back cone to same front cone)

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