Foudy on Leadership (SCCC 2016)

04 Mar
  • The importance of laughter for winning
  • Impression is that clubs equate winning with intensity
  • Winning and laughter / fun are not mutually exclusive
  • Starts from the top but doesn’t have to only come from the top
  • But has to be channeled in the right direction
  • Leadership is personal, not positional
  • Attitudes are contagious; is yours worth catching? (Dr. Colleen Hacker)
  • Team chemistry is a verb; balancing tactics and technical training with the social / psychological needs of the group
  • Two non-negotiables, the two things you can control: attitude and effort
  • Celebrating others is a lost art
  • Anson: don’t be late and respect everyone
  • Team community service
  • The inspire / be inspired (continuous) cycle

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