The Non-Penalty Kick Penalty Kick

17 Feb

An interesting idea / approach that I figured merited inclusion here. (And not dissimilar to this post on PKs.) And thanks to @totalsoccershow for mentioning it and for discussing the legality of it (which I didn’t know). The PK only has to go forward, and it must hit another player before the kick-taker touches it again (i.e. if it hits the post and comes back, the PK-taker can’t shoot it again). Interestingly enough, the PK (or non-PK) made both @PTI and @AroundtheHorn as a point of discussion.

In the end, it seems at least difficult, if not impossible to defend, and leaves the goalie even more defenseless than a traditional PK. The big question is always whether the reward is worth the risk, but certainly a creative take on the PK.

ScreenFlow from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.

The Total Soccer Show mentioned this, but GE reminded me of it further, but Cruyff apparently set the precedent for this. (Interesting too how differently the defense played it against Cruyff, i.e. they didn’t, and that Cruyff ended up with the goal himself after a return pass, though the goal is credited as in play rather than as a PK.)

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