Soccer Golf [mine]

27 Oct

I generally use this as a fun way to finish the season (last practice) or to get the team working together early in the season. What I like about it is that it is infinitely variable to focus on whatever skill the coach wants.

The Basics

  • Create a ‘tee box’ with four cones; play must start from here.
  • Place a ‘hole’ some distance from the tee box: I generally use a pointed cone or a stack of disc cones; the ball must tap the cone to ‘go in the hole’.
  • Players can work individually but I find teams work better.
  • Players can kick in any order but no one can kick again until everyone has kicked.

Progressions / Variations

  • My game often becomes as much croquet-like as golf-like. This year, one hole involved students having to hit a ball placed in the opposite direction before they could play to the hole. You can institute gates, channels, or any obstacle that elicits the skill you want to focus on. My first hole was behind the goal (with the tee box maybe 50 yards away at an angle) and I specified that teams had to go around the net in a specific direction.
  • For the first time this year, my final hole was elevated: I put the disc-cone-tower on the top row of a low set of bleachers. I took away strokes if players knocked any cones over / off and awarded bonus strokes if they could seat the ball in the disc cone (none did; wasn’t sure if that was even possible…).
  • To make ‘getting it in the hole’ more difficult, mandate that the ball must rest against the cone (rather than just touch it) to be ‘in the hole’.
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