Transitions Short-Sided Game [source unknown; not mine]

12 Oct
  • Transitions Objective: to practise passing, shooting, dribbling and changing quickly from attack to defence.
  • Age group: U10s and older.
  • Set up: Divide your players into teams of three or four. Create a 20 yards by 30 yards area for every two teams. Place a full-size goal at one end and two small goals at the other end.
  • How to play: One team attacks the big goal and the other team attacks the two smaller goals.
  • Whenever a goal is scored, the teams change ends. For example, if team A scores in the big goal they try to score their next goal in the two smaller goals and the team that was attacking the smaller goals now attacks the big goal.
  • Progression: play 3v4 or 3v5 to give your players more problems to solve.

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