Cone Run 2 Game [source unknown; not mine]

12 Oct

Cone Run 2

This game is designed to improve your players’ fitness and speed of thought. It is suitable for all ages of players but the younger the players, the shorter each game should be as this is a physically demanding activity. U10s, for example, should play for no longer than two minutes with a two-minute rest period between games.

Set up: mark out a 30 yards by 40 yards playing area with at least eight flat cones spread equally along the sidelines. Place a goal at each end.

How to play: play a 4v4 game with one condition. When you blow a whistle, the players have to run round a cone on the sideline before restarting the game.

Only one player can run around one cone. Two players cannot run around the same cone.

The team in the lead at the end of the game is the winner.



Assign each player a particular cone to run round.


Use two colours of cones and call a colour instead of blowing the whistle.


Require your players to touch two cones before re-entering the game.


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