Color Run – Passing & Movement Game [Jeff Irving]

12 Oct
  • Color run This game was sent in by Jeff Irving, a footy4kids newsletter subscriber. Thanks Jeff!
  • Objective: Color Run helps young players get into the habit of moving after they pass the ball. It’s a good warm up for a coaching session or a match.
  • Set up: create a 30-yard square playing area. Split it into four with flat cones so you end up with four squares.
  • Divide your players into teams of three wearing different coloured bibs.
  • Three teams play at a time.
  • If you have enough players, set up two games of Colour Run but, if not, give your spare players another task to do while they’re waiting their turn.
  • Each team has a ball.
  • How to play: Each player occupies a square but only one player from each team is allowed in any one square, you cannot have two players of the same team in the same square at any point in the game.
  • On your command, the three players with a ball pass to a team mate and run to the square that doesn’t have one of their team in it.
  • Coaching points:
  • Make the game competitive by challenging the teams to perform the exercise at pace and without making a mistake for two minutes.
  • Look for players calling for the ball, passing accurately and moving quickly. No walking!
  • Progression:
  • Restrict the number of touches to two touch or (for advanced players) one touch.

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