Communication Game [mine]

08 Oct

2016 Update: Did this today with some adjustments that worked well. Basically made teams smaller (with more of them); spread out the field, so it wasn’t so crowded (and potentially dangerous), and introduced more skill to the final step.

  • teams of two, one blindfolded, one not
  • balls spread out all over the field
  • disc cones that were the ‘zone’; teams only had to get one ball (far away) and put it on the disc cone (rather than as many as possible below)


There’s an old(ish) teaching activity whereby you give students something to assemble (imagine blocks, legos, etc.). They are in groups with all of them blindfolded except for one. It is the guide’s job to instruct the others how to put it together.

I wanted to work on communication and I wondered if I could adapt this to soccer. The team had a blast doing this. In the end, I suspect it ended up being more bonding than communicating, but it did produce a fairly hilarious result.

You can adjust this however you want, but here’s what I did:

  • I made four end zones (cone squares maybe a yard square) equidistant from the balls in the middle
  • four even teams, each of which has and begins in a zone
  • the guide is chosen and the others lower their blindfold
  • those blindfolded spin five times (this was originally ten but one of my players told me she might get sick…)
  • then they’re off; they need to get as many balls from the middle as they can and put them in their own zone
  • they can pick the balls up, but some of them didn’t realize this and were dribbling the balls back; this produced one of the funniest moments: one player was dribbling and another was coming towards her; the one who was dribbling inadvertently put the ball in front of the one coming towards her and that second player, without any intention, just took that ball over

We did this for four rounds, each with a new guide. It basically got funnier and funnier as it went along. We had people wandering away, such that I had to tell their guides to save them; we had collisions (some of which were worrisome…?); we had a few skirmishes; etc.

So, as I said, very successful for a fun way to end practice, focus on team bonding, and communicate.

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