Lose Your Markers on a Throw-in [from David Clarke]

24 Sep

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  • Creating space with throw-ins by David Clarke
  • Creating space is something coaches talk about all the time because if your team has space to work in, it is easier for them to keep possession of the ball.
  • One of the ways to create space that I work on with my players is from the throw-in. How often will teams defend the touchline but neglect the movement of players? It works to your team’s advantage.
  • I use this tactic which involves my players moving in two directions to fool the opposition and create space. The first movement is away from the player taking the throw-in then the second is a quick move back into the space created by the movement.
  • It works really well if players work hard and move at the right time. There’s a lot of skill elements in it – a good first touch on the ball, sharp and decisive movement off the ball.
  • In the diagram, A, B and C face the thrower – with A a few yards behind the other two. The player nearest the thrower needs to be about five yards from the touchline.
  • How it works
  • When the thrower shouts his own name this is the cue for A, B and C to move.
  • C runs down the line towards the corner flag.
  • B runs towards the corner of the penalty area.
  • A must wait a couple of seconds for B and C to go, then quickly move into the space created by their movement.
  • The throw-in goes to A who can then play into the path of the two runners.
  • The role of A is crucial. This player has to move away from their marker and then provide the accurate pass down the flank or a simple pass back to the thrower.
  • A can move to different areas depending on where the space opens up.
  • A could also hit a first-time volley from the throw-in making the move even quicker.
  • Key to the move is the creation of space, so it is up to the attacking team to try and move defenders into other areas.
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