Shooting Circuit

15 Aug


  • Two flat goals in the middle of a field
  • No goalies
  • Each goal (both sides; four total), will have a different set-up for the shot
    • ball coming back at the shooter
    • square ball
    • volley
    • ball in front of shooter

The Play

  • Ball coming back at shooter
    • balls with players or coach
    • if with players, players serve to coach who one touches back
    • shooters take a one touch shot
    • if with coach, coach serves and shooters take a one touch shot
  • Square Ball
    • balls with players
    • players serve to coach
    • coach plays a ball square
    • (players can also play the coach role here; after they shoot, they serve)
  • Volley
    • same as square ball but ball is served in the air and hit out of the air
  • Ball in front of shooter
    • coach starts with balls maybe 10 yards in front of shooters
    • shooters sprint at coach
    • coach rolls a ball in front
    • shooters shoot the moving ball within three or four steps

The fourth, the ball in front of shooter, worked great (the others are pretty standard). Not only did it accomplish what I wanted it to (players hitting a (quickly) moving ball in front of them) but with a small enough group (5-6 players) they’re pretty much constantly running, so it becomes good conditioning work as well, especially from the standpoint of pressure training, i.e. focusing on good technique even when tired.

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