Serving and Receiving Balls in the Air

13 Aug

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.33.48 PM


  • Three zones, the end two (left and right above) maybe 10 yards deep (vary based on skill) and the middle at least twice that (again, vary based on skill).
  • An attacker in the two end zones and a defender between the inner cones of those end zones. The defenders cannot leave that line, i.e. must stay between the cones. They can move laterally (up and down in the above illustration) but not toward the attacker (unless…; more on that below).
  • The goal is for the two attackers to pass the ball to each other. If the focus is indeed on balls in the air, the distance between the zones should be enough to force balls in the air.

How It Works

  • The ball starts with one attacker who serves to the other.
  • The other attacker must control the ball with one touch and pass the ball back with the other touch.
  • If the attacker takes a third touch, the defender can leave his line and pressure the attacker.
  • Any disruption, e.g. defender touching the ball, ball going out of bounds, etc., is a possession.
  • The attackers get 10 possessions before switching. (10 seemed like a lot when we did this; I might restrict it to 5, or at most 7.)

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