Follow Your Shot [mine]

11 Jun

Watching the WWC ’15 Germany v Norway game, I was (needlessly) reminded of the importance of following a shot. Germany shot from distance, the Norwegian keeper couldn’t contain the shot (though she should have), and Germany scored on the rebound, partly because the Norwegian defender didn’t follow the shot, but mostly because the German forward did.

It occurred to me that this could (and should) be practiced fairly easily, and this is what I came up with.

  • Coach (or goalie, but I’d prefer coach, at least at the outset; see progressions below) in goal
  • half the team with a ball at or around the 18
  • other half at or around the 18 without a ball
  • players with the ball shoot, initially at coach / goalie; players without the ball crash the net
  • coach saves or deliberately gives up rebound randomly (why I’d rather the coach be in net; don’t necessarily want goalies developing not-catching habits)
  • players without the ball finish any rebound

Coaching Points:

  • speed of crashing the net; can’t loaf / go halfway
  • goal is to develop the habit of crashing the net (why the coach doesn’t give rebounds every time), even if there may not / probably won’t be a rebound


  • half the players without a ball become defenders and crash with the attackers, trying to prevent the rebound-goal
  • the shots become ‘live’, i.e. not necessarily right at the goalie / coach, at which point the goalie can be used because there will / should be natural rebounds; this also helps the goalie focus on catching the ball and not giving up rebounds

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