All Up [unknown source but not mine]

07 Oct

All up!

  • Objective:
  • To improve players’ peripheral vision, fitness and speed of transition.
  • Skill level:
  • Any.
  • Number of players:
  • The whole squad.
  • Set up:
  • Mark out a 60 yards by 40 yards playing area with goals at either end and a centre line of cones. Or use a standard small-sided soccer pitch. Divide your players into two teams wearing bibs.
  • How to play:
  • Play normal soccer with the added condition that for a goal to count, all the attacking team’s players must be over the halfway line. If they’re not, the goal does not count and a goal kick is awarded. The first team to five goals wins.
  • Progression:
  • When your players are comfortable, add a second condition. When a goal is scored, the defending team must have all their players in their own half. If not, the goal counts double.

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