Shooting on Command [GE]

03 Oct
  • Two goals maybe 30 / 40 yards apart with goalie in each with ball.
  • Two players in middle in between goals 10 / 15 yards apart with ball.
  • Two field players pass back and forth.
  • On coach’s command (Go), keepers serve balls to field players who shoot.
  • Variation: Only one goalie serves; field player plays the ball to space for other field player, who shoots; serving field player then turns and receives ball from other goalie and shoots.
  • Variation: If only one goalie, disc cones in each corner of goal with ball on top; players must knock ball off to score (or, only goals in side netting count).

2014-10-03 08.05.50

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Posted by on October 3, 2014 in Finishing, Shooting


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