Dribbling Under (two kinds of) Pressure

18 Sep

I came up with this one on my own.

  1. Set up a rectangle of cones, maybe 10 x 15 (though adjusted to meet the abilities of players) with single cones about 10 yards beyond the each short side of the rectangle.
  2. An attacker and defender are in the square; a server is at one of the cones outside of the square.
  3. The server passes into the attacker, who has to make space / make runs to be open to receive the ball.
  4. The attacker now must maintain possession in the square with the defender defending.
  5. The server has to sprint from one outside cone to the other, around the square.
  6. Once the server has reached the opposite cone, the attacker makes a pass to the server.
  7. Each player rotates through each part in the drill.

2014-09-18 13.00.33

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Posted by on September 18, 2014 in 1 v 1, Defending, Dribbling, Passing


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