Attacking With Your Back to the Goal

18 Sep

Came up with this one today (nothing too revolutionary) to address some concerns from yesterday’s game. Should combine attacking, defending, communication, and movement.

  1. Defenders by the goal post.
  2. 3 attackers across the 18
  3. Server-attackers below center circle.
  4. Game starts on coach’s signal.
  5. 1 server-attacker passes the ball to center attacker.
  6. 2 defenders sprint from post to defend.
  7. All attackers must communicate what center attacker should do: turn, square, drop, etc.
  8. Attack is live with 3 v. 2 + 1; the server-attacker must stay above the 18 arc but is available for a drop pass for a one time shot on goal.

2014-09-18 12.58.25


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