Pre-Game Warm-Up

31 Aug

This the varsity pre-game warm up, and we’re trying to align the three teams a bit better, so figured I’d post it here. (Thanks, GE.)

  • As the kids go down that line, they stop for a dynamic stretch next to each cone (4 total stretches, 2 for each side/leg)
  • Set up cones along the side line of the 18 yard box in 5 yard increments- 4 cones, so it’s to the outside of the 18.
  • jog all the way down
  • quad stretch (bring heel to butt at each cone)
  • hips out
  • hips in
  • high leg kick forward
  • high leg kick back
  • lunge (hip flexor stretch) into a hamstring stretch
  • karaoke
  • increasing sprints x2
  • After the dynamic warm up:

    1. Short period of static stretching (girls also share their personal goal for the game)
    2. Warm up with the ball in lines (shuttle passing)- (at this point, goalies start to warm up)
            * dribble
            * 2-touch passing
            * 1-touch passing
            * toss to chest- then pass back on the ground
            * headers
    3. 4-corner passing drill-
            * can’t pass to a line that has a ball
            * a player has to sprint (around the circle/groups) to a line they didn’t pass to
            * can’t let a line “die”
    4. At this point, it really depends on the time I have- but generally, if I have the time, I would do a position-specific activity (either long balls, short range shooting, quick possession game, etc.), or if I don’t have much time, I would go into an all-team shooting activity.

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