Penalty Kick Positioning

31 Aug

I was watching the Spurs – Liverpool game this morning and Liverpool was given a PK in the 48th minute. As both teams were jockeying for positioning on the 18 and the arc, I started wondering about where the most advantageous point would be. Of course the intersection of the arc and the 18 is ostensibly the closest point, but it occurred to me (and I don’t know why it never did before) that a running start from above the arc might be an interesting approach, i.e. you hit the arc running (or I suppose the 18 at an angle as well) as the kick is being taken so that you have a head start on the other players for a rebound.

Interestingly enough, Henderson did just that. He started a bit closer to the arc than I had envisioned (he was maybe three or four steps above it) and he clearly entered the arc before the kick was taken, but the ref didn’t call it and he was the first one in. Interesting.

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