Back-to-back Goal Game

24 Aug

We did this one at camp a few weeks ago, and it was a fun game to play. A flat goal works best with a goalie on either side.

  • A grid about 40 x 60 (depending on talent and numbers).
  • A flat goal in the middle, making two 40 x 30 grids or so.
  • A crease outside the goal, maybe 5 yards wider than the goal and 10 yards out from the goal, within which teams can’t shoot (except for head balls or volleys); this is optional but seemed to improve the flow of the game when we added it.
  • Two teams, each split into offense and defense.
  • One offense and one defense on each side of the goal.
  • Probably good to add an extra attacker on each side to improve the speed.
  • Offense tries to score on their side.
  • Defense defends their goal and moves the ball to their offense on the other side.
  • Goalies distribute to the other side (to their offense) but can’t throw over the net.

Update: Going through some old Soccer Journals and saw this, which is an interesting varation:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.47.28 AM


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