Using Annotated Videos with Players: Some Encouragement

16 Aug

We had a very rainy day on Wednesday at camp, so as we were scrambling to find activities for the players to do inside, we showed some video. We watched the 2nd half of the MLS all-star game (some good goals and some compelling controversy) and I showed some of the annotated videos I’ve posted here. I didn’t expect much from them and, indeed, as expected, there was a good amount of snickering and they weren’t considered as life-changing as I would have hoped….

But, interesting enough, both yesterday and today, keepers backpedaled rather than drop stepping to save balls over the head. One of the videos I had showed was the Navas save where he goes back and up to save a ball behind him and over his head.

On Thursday, I mentioned it to a keeper and one of the players on the sideline said ‘like in the video’. And then today I mentioned it to a different keeper who also mentioned the video when were discussing it.

So some interesting positive encouragement for using the videos with players.

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Posted by on August 16, 2014 in Anecdote, Annotated Video


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