Plyometric / Conditioning Stations

12 Aug

At camp today, we did a plyometric / conditioning circuit that I thought was worth noting and collecting here.

The circuit is set up at 5 yard intervals in a straight line, each station marked by two cones about 5 yards away from each other: two lines of nine cones at 5 yard intervals.

At each pair of cones are, ideally, four people, two to each cone. (When the stations are specified, these are the four referred to.)

Each station lasts for two minutes, divided into 30 second intervals.

After the two minutes, shuttle runs occur down the line.

The illustration below gives a sense of the set up. The blue triangles are cones and the black triangles are pinnies. The pinnies demarcate the shuttle runs. (And the graphic didn’t include five yard divisions, so imagine cones between those or imagine the lines as 5, rather than 10, yards apart.)

2014-08-12 21.50.53

Here are the stations, in order, from bottom to top.

  1. Bicep curls and tricep presses with elastic band: 30 on, 30 off, first bis, then tris.
  2. Hops (bring knees to hands at right angle) and in and outs (tall push up position and bring knees up; first half of a burpee). Partners alternate, one doing 5 and 5, then the other. This is the only station that doesn’t follow the 30 second interval format.
  3. Footwork: bars set up across big cones; cones are about a foot, maybe 18 inches apart; zig zag through (not hopping over) with short quick steps; feet stay below bars. All four do this together.
  4. Speed hurdle hops. All four do this together.
  5. One person anchors stretchy band, the other grabs the other end and backpedals as far as they can. Explode back, keep low. Anchor should stagger feet and bend knees to provide maximum stability. One minute for each person.
  6. Shoulders: press with band, small arm flutters, big arm circles. Two sets of presses divided by the two different flutters, each for 30 seconds.
  7. Tall push up position, hold, and touch opposite shoulder with each hand: continuous for the two minutes.
  8. Lunge jumps: hand behind heads, lunge position, jump, and land; jump again before knee touches ground. 30 on, 30 off.
  9. Speed ladder: two feet in, two feet out.

The shuttles then occur between each station. You shuttle up (in the illustration above) to the black pinnies (triangles) and back to where you began, so each black pinnie is a shuttle destination. The lower you are in the grid, i.e. in the illustration above, the more shuttles you run; the bottommost cones run the longest / farthest / most. The topmost do a single sprint down the line and back.

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