Revs Coach Very Definitive About Who Should Take a PK

27 Apr

I caught the last 10 or 15 mins of the (NE) Revs game tonight (vs. KC). In the 82nd minute, a 0-0 game. The Revs score in the 91st minute (not pretty gaol, but nice set-up) and then, on a counterattack by Diego Fagundez, are awarded a PK. (Diego had a break away, tried to chip the goalie, the ball glanced off the goalie, Diego headed the rebound, and a defender blocked the header with his hand.) Diego did the bulk of the work for the attack / PK and (rightly, I thought) claimed the PK for himself. (Coach) Jay Heaps waved Diego off and had Ngyuen (24) take the PK instead. He converted the PK but Diego was visibly annoyed at being denied the PK.

So, why the insistence on Nguyen? The game was pretty much wrapped up before the PK; a goal in the 92nd minute will be difficult to recover from. On the other hand, Diego’s counterattack occurred because KC was putting the Revs under pressure right after that first goal; the game was not definitively over at that point. But the second goal from the PK certainly puts the game away and, even if it’s not converted, the counterattack and the PK itself alone would seem to eat up enough time to finish the game off. In short, the PK would seem to be perfunctory at that point, from a time standpoint alone. So, again, why the insistence on Nguyen over Diego? It seems an odd time / situation to make a point, but it also seems unavoidable that a point was being made by Heaps? What is that point? And why was Diego on the losing end of that?

I’d love to hear Heaps’ rationale.

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Posted by on April 27, 2014 in Game Anecdote, Opinion, Philosophies, PKs


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