In and Out Passing / Counterattacking Drill [Paul Marco; Soccer Champions Coaches’ Clinic]

08 Mar

This drill covered movement and passing. A bit complex, especially in the upper progressions, but the basic idea is solid.

  1. Channel about 10 yards wide in the middle of the space.
  2. Two zones on either side of the channel (big enough for players to move and pass, depending on how many passers).
  3. Six or so from each team in the side zones with two from each team in the channel on the same side as their team.
  4. Six or so in the zones pass and move and every few passes or so pass to one of the players in the channel.
  5. The passer-into-the-channel follows the ball into the channel and replaces the receiver of the pass.
  6. The receiver of the pass touches into the zone and the passing and moving resumes.
  7. (This happens on both sides; the animation only illustrates it on one side.)
  8. (The switching from zone to channel of course happens simultaneously; the animation doesn’t show this.]

Progression #1

  1. Same setup except two players in the channel are now on the opposite side of the channel from their team.
  2. Play continues as above.
  3. As the pass comes into the channel from the zone, however, the players from the other team are now / can be in the way, so the receiver in the channel has to adjust their position to create a passing lane.

Progression #2

  1. Same setup and movement as Progression #1.
  2. Now, though, instead of the passer running into the channel, someone without the ball runs into the channel, which focuses on alertness and communication.
  3. (Receiver in the channel still touches out of channel with the ball.)

Progression #3

  1. (This was the one that we perhaps didn’t entirely understand.)
  2. The coach during the drill yells ‘Unfriendly’ (I might yell ‘pressure’, both for syllables and clarity).
  3. At that point, the ball must be immediately played into the channel.
  4. (The trigger word seems to trigger a quicker release of the pass and a quicker pace of the pass.)

Progression #4

  1. A change in set-up / placement of players (see below for image).
  2. Now, all of one team (team 1) is in one zone with four of the other team (team 2) in the same zone to defend and the rest of the other team in the other zone (so, say, 8 of team 1 in the left zone with 4 of team 2 in the left zone to defend and the remaining 4 of team 2 in the right zone).
  3. (The channel in the middle is empty.)
  4. Team 1 plays keep away from Team 2.
  5. Every time team 1 strings together five players, an additional player from team 2 in the other zone can join to defend.
  6. If team 2 wins the ball, they play the ball across the channel to the other zone and four yellow pursue to defend.

Team 1 at right in yellow; team 2 at left in blue (four defenders waiting for ball to be played to them); player in orange is the goalie mentioned below in Progression #5.

2014-03-01 11.31.57

2014-03-01 11.31.55

Progression #5

  1. Same set-up as Progression #4 but add a goalie into the middle channel.
  2. The goalie is on the team that possesses the ball.
  3. If the team with the ball is dispossessed, the goalie tries to ‘save’ the ball that comes across the channel.
  4. If the goalie ‘saves’ it, he plays it to the team that had been dispossessed.

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