Footwork Drill [Dick Bate; Soccer Champion Coaches’ Clinic]

08 Mar

This was a great footwork drill, not that it was all that different (I suspect many of us have done some form of it) but the wrinkle of the different markers and the progression of it made it stand out to me.

  1. 4 markers set up in a row, as far apart as you want (the closer they are, I suspect, the more you can isolate the footwork; spaced too far apart and players will start to run outright). Markers are simply four different colors and/or objects. Dick Bate used two different colored pinnies, a cone, and a ball.
  2. 2 players facing each other in each side of the markers.
  3. Coach calls out colors and players move to that color back and forth.

Some progressions:

  1. Move the cones out of a straight line and into a zigzag pattern to add north – south as well as east – west movement.
  2. With the same pattern as above, players now have to hit every marker on their way to the target (in #1 above, they can take a direct route among the markers).
  3. Add in an attacking player on the wing. The defender goes through the makers for, say, 15 seconds and then on a signal breaks out to defend the wing attacker who moves to goal for a shot / cross.
  4. Add a shooter. So same as #3, except now the wing attacker has a target running to goal.
  5. Add defenders to the shooter.
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Posted by on March 8, 2014 in Defending, Fitness, Footwork, Video


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